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Casino war card game rules

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Casino war card game rules clark county casino

End of the game:

If the playuer's card is equal or higher the player's bets are returned plus an amount equal to the original bet only. See also the War Variations page, dules variations of War submitted by readers. Once you have played a card and let go of it, you can no longer use it to steal an opponent's pile. It must be agreed beforehand which of these two methods will be used. This can take a long time. Most online casinos offer the game in their basic software package.

Learn the odds in Casino War and how to beat this classic card game. As kids, the rules of War are simple enough that we can learn the game and teach it to. At the beginning of each game each player must make a Casino War wager ("Primary Wager"). To win the primary wager, the rank of the player's card must. The rules of Casino War are amazingly simple. Like blackjack, the game pits the player against the house (dealer). In most gambling establishments, the game is.


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